Why Stitch?

Here are some things you may not know about Stitch...

Hourly machine rental: $7/hr.

You can rent the use of one of our fabulous Ever Sewn machines and hang out, get some advice on a project you are struggling with, and hopefully get some inspiration for your next project! 

Just message for availability and get in your request for which model you prefer. Stitch has 2 each of the Ever Sewn Sparrow 20, 25, and 30. Take a look at the features of each here to decide what fits your needs:


Private Parties

Have a special event coming up and want to do something a little outside the box? Contact Stitch to help you plan a fun event! Girl's Night Out, a team building project, a mommy and me day, your kiddos next birthday party (ages 6 & up), the sky's the limit on what type of event we can do for you. Cost will depend on what project you decide on and number of participants. Average party length is 2-3 hours.

Custom Orders/Requests

Stitch can whip up some pretty nifty custom requests. If there is something you are dreaming about but can't figure out how to make it happen, come chat with us. If we can do it in the time-frame you desire, we'd love to help.

We Are Just Freaking Cool

How often can you walk in somewhere with a crazy idea for a project without fear of being embarrassed or scowled at because the idea involves questionable subject matter?  Never fear, the sewstesses at Stitch are not gonna judge.  In fact, we will probably be amazed by your creativity and awesomeness.  We are not easily offended and enjoy snark and a well-placed scandalous word. If you are uncomfortable walking into a stuffy quilt & fabric shop of days gone by and dream of modern prints, patterns, and just having fun with being creative and crafty, then Stitch is the place for you!