Class Schedule


I have available in the shop, 6 Ever Sewn machines that are available to be used free of charge if participating in a class.  You are also more than welcome to bring your own machine, if you are more comfortable using that.  All classes will specify cost for the instruction as well as note any fabric or supplies that will need to be purchased specific to the project. 

Always plan to bring along your basics like thread, scissors, pins, pincushion, marking pen, etc. Each sewing station is set up with machine, lighting, and a mini press board and iron to be shared among 2 machines, so no need to bring those items.  If you happen to forget one of the basics, there are also supplies available for purchase at the shop.

To register for classes, go to the home page here and look under New Arrivals for the most recently posted classes.  You can simply choose the class you would like to register for and checkout online. If the class you would like isn't visible, you can do a quick search using the word "class" and it should bring up all available options.

Cancellation policy: If you will be unable to attend a class (hey, life happens!), please notify me as soon as possible, but no less than 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund.  If you are unable to provide notice 24 hours in advance, a gift certificate in the amount of the class will be issued to you. It is absolutely acceptable to send someone in your place as well, if you are in a pinch. What a nice little surprise for a friend!

For the time being, I anticipate a day time class weekly on Wednesday am as well as an evening class alternating between Tuesdays and Thursdays every other week from 6pm-8pm.

*If you purchase supplies/fabric from Stitch for a class, please enjoy a 15% discount on those items on me!


August 2018

Atomic Starburst Quilt Class-3 part class series

Come learn to make the Atomic Starburst Quilt Pattern this August. The very sleek mid-century modern design using paper-piecing techniques to get those sharp little points on the stars that are the focus of this quilt. This project also allows you to choose a variety of fun fabrics to showcase. If you have been collecting for a while, this may be just the ticket to show off your stash!

Class will be held in 3 sessions on the following dates and times:

WEDNESDAY, August 8th, 6-8:30pm

TUESDAY, August 14th, 6-8:30 pm

WEDNESDAY, August 22nd 6-8:30 pm

What you need to bring/purchase prior to class:

Basic sewing supplies (shears, pins, pincushion, thread, bobbin, etc.)

Pattern calls for the following fabric cuts:

Diamonds: 30-7" x 12" pieces

Starbursts: 20-6" x 8" pieces

Background: 3.75 yds (recommend 4 yds as sample was tough to get out of 3.75 yds)

Binding: 2/3 yd

Backing: 3.5 yds

*Cost of class is $47 which includes instruction for all 3 classes and a copy of the pattern that sells for $12.

Instructor: Linda Tomago


THURSDAY, JULY 9th & 23rd 6pm-8pm

Jelly Roll Rug Class


Doing a repeat of this one because it is so stinking cute! A little hard to get it flat, but once you figure it out, it is so worth it.

What you need to bring:

1 Jelly Roll of Fabric (40-42 strips in the roll)

1 1/4 yards of 100% cotton batting 96" wide (a twin size batting is 96" x 72" and will be enough)

Size 14-18 Heavy Duty Jeans Sewing Machine Needle (machines at the shop will have these needles in them, but will also have in stock if you need to purchase for home use)

1 Large spool of thread at least 1200 yards to blend or contrast with your fabrics-most spools in the stores are not 1200 yds. You will likely need 2-3 spools of thread. Check the yardage!

Bottle of Best Press-highly recommended

*Cost of Class is $30 and will include the printed pattern from RJ Designs that you will keep and instruction

Instructor: Angie Miller

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15th 10am-12pm

UFO Open Studio Hours

A UFO in the crafting world is short for UnFinished Object. Most creatives have multiple UFOs hanging out in their house, unless you are one of the elusive OOATers (one-at-a-timer), and if so, I don't know how in the world you do that. You are likely not 100% human, so you can come appreciate all the UFOs on this day for open studio hours as well!

The plan is for this to be similar to the monthly Friday evening Stitch & Bitch, but during daylight hours. Are the kids/husband/live-in in-laws/neighbors driving you nuts and you need to escape and sew for a few hours? Come hang out and get away from your usual crazies to be with crafty crazies. :)

What you need to bring:

Whatever UnFinished Project you would like to work on and necessary supplies.

Any snacks you want.

*Cost FREE and will have water, coffee, tea available. Please register to reserve your spot as seating is limited to 6 sewing machine stations and 4 comfy hand-stitching seats.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 17th 6p-8:30pm

Stitch & Bitch Open Studio Hours

Just like last month, grab a project and come have a fun evening out socializing with like-minded people. If you have stranger danger and don't want to socialize, just bring your project and everyone will just gaze longingly at your project through your imaginary space bubble. Stitch is a judgement free zone. :)

There are 4 comfy aka. hand embroidery/sewing spots available as well as 6 sewing machine stations. Cost is free to come hang out, but please reserve your spot due to the limited space.

Basic beverages available (h20, coffee, tea), but feel free to bring something and a snack if you like.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 21st 10am-12pm

Drawstring Backpack

This little drawstring backpack can hold anything your little (or big!!) desires. Makes a great after school bag for dance or sports or a quick little overnight bag for the weekend. Or maybe you aren't a purse type and just like to throw a few things in a bag. "You never know when you may have to jam," in the words of Ally Sheedy.

What you need to purchase prior to class/bring with you:

3/4 yd of main fabric

3/4 yd of coordinating/lining fabric

6 yds of poly lacing (Stitch should have white 3/8 inch cording in stock by the time of the class that will be approximately $5.25 for 6 yds)

Matching Thread

Basic Sewing Supplies (Scissors, Pins, Etc.)

The materials listed above will make TWO of the small size bags or 1 of the Medium or Larger sizes.

Finished Bag Measurements:

Small/Toddler: 10 inches by 12 ½ inches

Medium/Child: 11 ½  inches by 13 ½  inches

Large/Adult: 13 ½  inches by 16 inches

*Cost of class is $15 plus supplies.

Instructor: Angie Miller

TUESDAY, AUGUST 28th 6pm-8pm

Hand Embroidery: Round 2


In this class, we will take a pattern and get it transferred onto your fabric and start stitching. There will be a review of basic stitches throughout the class, including what stitches work well for what types of areas. A basic understanding of embroidery is beneficial, but not necessary.

What you need to bring/purchase prior to class:

Pattern: There are tons of freebies available out there! Check out Pinterest or if you have something super specific in mind, there are a lot of affordable downloads from sellers on Etsy. Stitch has a some designs from Lova Revolution that you can purchase as well.  Please bring your pattern printed out if you find an awesome freebie or end up downloading.

Hoop: I recommend anywhere from a 6" to 10" hoop for a smaller design. Your design doesn't have to fully fit, but if you plan on using the hoop to frame/finish it, you will want to make sure that it does. Stitch stocks basic wooden hoops.

Embroidery Needles: These are sharp end needles and come in a variety of sizes. Most often used 16 to 26. The smaller the number the bigger the needle so don't get something too large as we will be working on woven muslin fabric.

Fabric: Any woven cotton fabric will work and doesn't even have to be a solid if you are into pattern mixing. As a beginner, I recommend using a white or natural muslin and will have 12" x 12" squares of each cut and available for $0.42 each.

Embroidery Floss: Most popular is DMC and can be picked up at any craft store for about $0.52 per color. Stitch does not carry solid colors at this time, but does have a selection of hand dyed specialty embroidery floss for $2.25 each. Bring the colors you want to use for your design.

Embroidery scissors: These are the tiny, sharp little thread snipping scissors.

Frixion Pen or Marker: This is the brand that Stitch carries in a variety of colors, but any type of soluble marker or pen will work.

Needle Threader: This is absolutely optional, but my prior classes ended up really using this more than I thought they would so definitely something to consider. Some of those needles have tiny little eyes!

*Cost of class is $15 and includes instruction and link to article with 10 basic embroidery stitches if you have not already received this.

Instructor: Angie Miller