If you are curious to learn about the people you may meet at Stitch, here is a run-down.  Sarcasm is spoken fluently amongst us and we are no strangers to snark at Stitch.  They say birds of a feather flock together. Come hang out with us!

Angie Miller- owner

Hi, I am Angie Miller, owner of Stitch. When I'm not at the shop, I'm either working as an RN taking care of residents at a local long term care facility or spending time with my son, Cole.

     Sewing and crafting has been a love that dates back much longer than being a nurse.  I remember my mom teaching me to cross stitch when I was in 1st grade (age 7ish). I was envious of my friend, Vicki, who had entered a project in the local fair and won a ribbon. I wanted to learn so I could win a ribbon too! (I later found out she was very envious of some sweet grey suede loafers I possessed.) 

     My first project was a tiny brown owl on a branch. I think the kit cost a whole 25 cents! My love of all things stitchy grew over the years and I got my first sewing machine for Christmas in my late teens. I left home in South Central PA to attend college at WVU. As a student trying to make it on minimal income, I put that machine into action making gifts for family and friends, teaching myself as I went, and found that it was an enjoyable and relaxing hobby.

     After graduating from nursing school at Fairmont State College (it was not yet a prestigious University), I would sew in my free time and in 2008 heard about a website called Etsy. I opened my shop, 15 Pieces of Flair, and began selling online.  I got brave enough to make the leap into taking my products to a few local craft shows in 2010. I loved every minute of creating and preparing and the feeling of people actually enjoying the things I had created!

     I continued to do local shows and sell on Etsy, but the dream of being able to do it full time was still just that...a dream. In 2014, in the midst of a significant job change, I started working on an actual business plan and set a goal of making my dream a reality by the time I turned 40 (which occurred late 2018). On January 29th, 2018, Stitch Morgantown, LLC., officially opened its' doors for business!

:) Angie

Regina Leatherman-A-sew-ciate-You'll see Regina on most Thursdays and every other Saturday. Occasionally, because like to keep everyone on their toes, you'll see her on a random day of the week.

Kelly Dlugos-A-sew-ciate-Kelly fills in here and there and you may also see her at A&J Sewing Studio working because she just loves quilting so much she works for us both!

Vicki Audia-A-sew-ciate (often accompanied by Josie Audia, Jr. A-sew-ciate)-These 2 are becoming like Bigfoot or the Lochness Monster. Some people claim that they have seen them, but their existence is difficult to prove.

Cole Miller-Jr. A-sew-ciate and my right-hand man-Checkout runner extraordinaire! He'll get your purchases scanned, bagged, and help process your payment. He's a shrewd saleman and will try to upsell you, so watch out!