June Featured Sewist: Lois Foster

Lois is a Stitch regular and many of you have met her along the way over the past 5 years. When she isn't sewing, she can be found spending time with her husband, her grandbabies, soaking up the sun poolside, or giving massages at The Modern Homestead in Reedsville.

~What types of things do you sew?

In response to what I like to sew, the answer is lots of different items. I enjoy garment making, home decor, bags and quilts.  

~When did you first begin sewing? ~What was your inspiration to learn sewing?

As a child, I loved to sew with my Mom, Grandmother and my Aunt. Each taught me about sewing. I learned how to make clothes, mend clothes, do embroidery and make crafts.  Those memories are very precious to me and when I’m sewing a part of them are still with me.


~Do you have a favorite designer of patterns, fabrics, etc.? If not, what general themes or colors do you typically gravitate toward?

Sewing with Riley Blake designs makes me so happy. The bright, colorful spring florals from RBD lightens my day.


~Tell us a little about the project you are most proud of or your favorite.

My most ego boosting moments happen every time I give a quilt away, hem pants, or curtains for a friend. If my sewing puts a smile on someone’s face that just makes it all worthwhile.


~What is the one sewing tool (besides your machine or hands) that you would hate to be without?

If I had to name my all time favorite notion or resource it’s YouTube. YouTube is my go to for everything. I’d be lost without it.


~Do you have a tip or trick that you would like to share with everyone?

My best tip for anyone who sews, is to network, join a guild and look for others who are interested in doing your favorite projects. My other tip is to buy from a local quilt shop. The local quilt shops have a plethora of resources.