July Featured Sewist: Cheryl McCarty

This month's featured sewist is Cheryl McCarty. Cheryl is always working on something cute and seemingly intricate! When she isn't sewing, she is playing with her grandson or her cute bulldog puppy!

Here are her thoughts and some of her finishes to share with you!

~What types of things do you sew?

Quilts so far, but I'm finding I enjoy applique too.

~When did you first begin sewing?

I made my 1st quilt in 1979 with the help of my Grandmother. It was a hand pieced pinwheel. She then showed me how to put it in wooden frames and together we hand quilted it.

~What was your inspiration to learn sewing?

My grandmother, Virginia Brewer.

~Do you have a favorite designer of patterns, fabrics, etc.? If not, what general themes or colors do you typically gravitate toward?

No, actually I like all fabrics and most designs.  If it catches my eye, I pretty much go for it.

~Tell us a little about the project you are most proud of or your favorite.

I dont think I can pick just  one.  I'm always so proud/happy when I finally finish one, especially if it's been a challenge.

~What is the one sewing tool (besides your machine or hands) that you would hate to be without?

I would have to say my creative grids rulers. I especially love the 4-1 triangle ruler. It does so many different things. I think its the one I reach for the most.

~Do you have a tip or trick that you would like to share with everyone?

Always read the directions.  Sometimes I just skim through them and then I always have to rip out something. Then I have read the directions to find my mistake.