Bird Pond Rag Doll Friend Kit

Rag Doll Friend Kit by Tilda

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Kit with material to make a Rag doll friend. (height approx. 45 cm). Packaged in a paper bag with a photo of the completed softie on the front.

I gotta tell you, these kits are so sweet! Also check out Dapper Dachs. Obviously my favorite because of my own dapper dachshund, Charlie Murphy, at the homestead.

This kit includes: Cotton fabrics, fusible web, paper instructions.

Also needed/recommended NOT INCLUDED:

Fiberfill (small bag 12 oz.), sewing machine, sharp scissors to cut out applique, matching thread and sewing needle for hand sewing, chopstick for turning and stuffing, thick paper for copying pattern, black paint and large ball-head pins for eyes, lipstick or rouge and a dry brush for rosy cheeks.