Lori Holt Bee Thread Cutter

Lori Holt Bee Thread Cutter

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Introducing the charming and highly functional Lori Holt Bee Thread Cutter, a must-have addition to your sewing toolkit. This delightful bee-shaped thread cutter is inspired by the iconic bee design of Lori Holt from Bee in my Bonnet, combining style and practicality.

Featuring a hidden, efficient blade, effortlessly cut through threads with ease and precision. The compact size of approximately 1" wide allows for easy storage, while the adhesive foam square enables you to attach it directly to your sewing machine for convenience and accessibility.

  • Purpose: Thread Cutting
  • Dimensions: 1in

    Upgrade your sewing experience with the adorable Lori Holt Bee Thread Cutter, designed to make your thread cutting tasks a breeze while adding a touch of whimsy to your crafting space.