Lllamarama Quilt Pattern

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The suffix - rama means spectacular display or instance of. So, llamarama is the perfect name for this adorable quilt pattern. Use a group of llamas on your quilt or choose just one, placed strategically, to create a whimsical and beautiful quilt. Add as much or as little embroidery and embellishments as you wish: pom poms, rickrack, beads or nothing at all. Anything goes. Only the eyelashes are a must, and those you can even draw on with a permanent marker if embroidery isnt your thing.

Pattern Name: Llamarama

Designer: Dora Cary for Orange Dot Quilts

Finished Size(s): Throw (60"x72"), Baby (40" square)

Material Requirements: See pic 2 for back view of pattern

Techniques Used: Traditional piecing, Embroidery