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Kitchen B!t$h Embroidered Tea Towel

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Does your man make your taste buds sing? Or maybe he is only a kitchen b!t$h in training and is still learning his place. Either way, no better way to remind him that he is YOUR kitchen b!t$h than gifting him with this sweet tea towel embroidered on reproduction kitchen toweling lined with red roses and a beautiful turquoise design.

The quote is hand embroidered in black embroidery floss. Toweling edges were hemmed on the machine, as well as the addition of an adorable mint chenille trim on the bottom to make it extra sweet. This towel is extra large to make him feel manly and measures approximately 36 inches long x 17 inches wide. I wonder if the same is true about big kitchen towels as large, showy vehicles...hmmm, trying to over-compensate for other things that are small?

Let this lovely kitchen towel wow your guests as part of your kitchen decor today!