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DIY Dryer Sheets Jar Super Hero

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I was a shocked when I learned how many chemicals a typical dryer sheet contains. They are really not the safest items to have in your house if you have pets or small children. I personally like the idea of less chemicals in my system... so I looked for an alternative and came up with this.

A 17 ounce heremes clamp jar that contains eight 6 inch by 6 inch flannel fabric squares with finished edges and a card with instructions on the solution to add to make your own reusable dryer sheets.

Throw 2-4 squares into your dryer after squeezing any excess solution out of the squares. You can also use plain white vinegar without adding essential oils if you prefer. It will not leave a vinegar odor in your laundry. (Trust me, I had to test it out myself to be sure!)