Christmas Twig Embroidery Ornament Kit

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This is the Charlie Brown Christmas tree that we stitched in a recent class. Only uses a backstitch and satin stitch for the ornament.

Kit includes 5 inch square of muslin with design drawn in with black Frixion pen. This will disappear with a hot iron once you are done if any lines are not covered.

3 inch wooden hoop to stitch in and use to frame.

Embroidery floss to do boards, twig, needles, ornament, and ornament hook.

Round piece of cardboard to back the hoop.

Square of green fabric to cover cardboard backing

Length of white yarn to edge cardboard on back

Length of sparkly red yarn to make a bow on metal part of hoop.

All you need is an embroidery needle, scissors, and then some tacky glue or hot glue to finish. No instructions are included in the kit, but if you need some guidance, I can certainly help out. Just let me know.