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Adornit Sunshine Girl Embroidery Kits

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These kits are amazing! They come with the fabric you stitch on, the "pattern" that you apply to the fabric and stitch on top of versus tracing or ironing on the design that washes away when you are done, little pieces of fabric that get stitched into the design for dresses and accessories, AND the sweet little buttons that you see in the pictures as well. All you need to supply is thread, needle, hoop, and your mad skills! Every girl & woman in your life can relate to one of these designs and her sentiments.

Instructions are provided as to which type of stitch was used on what part of the design as well as the color of Sulky Thread they used. DMC or any embroidery floss will work as a substitute though. The fabric that comes in each kit is pictured in the 5th image. An example of the instructions can be seen in images 2 thru 4. Image 6 shows a close up example of the buttons and fabric cuts that are included with the kit.