Ruby Star Mask Panel Challenge

Ruby Star Mask Panel Challenge

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What to do with 11 panels of super cute fabric prints that are for masks? Well, I posed that question to a few customers a couple weeks ago and the idea of a challenge to create something new was thrown out. 

There are 11 panels/contestant spots available. Registrations and panel pick ups/shipping will take place up until May 31st. Participants will then have 6 weeks to create their masterpieces. 

At the end of the 6 weeks, everyone will need to submit a pic of their project via email to Stitch Morgantown at

The submissions will be posted on social media for voting. Crowd favorite will win a $75 gift card from Stitch, which can be spent in store or online. This contest is open to everyone both local and online.

The only strict rule is that some of each mask fabric be used in the final project. That is a total of 30 pieces that are required. You can add whatever supplemental fabric you desire. Finished project can be a small quilted piece or anything else you can dream up

Registration fee for this challenge is $10 plus shipping fee if required.