Hidden Zipper Pillow Cover Class, Sat, Oct 7th 3pm-5pm

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This is one that I get requests for often and isn't nearly as difficult or scary as you may think. This is appropriate for beginners with little to no knowledge about sewing. You should know how to thread a machine and be able to use a straight stitch function. We will cover the rest in class!

Supplies required-please bring these with you!

1/2 yard fabric of your choice. This will be enough to make 1 pillow cover. Purchase more if you are planning to do multiple pillows. You can choose a cotton quilting fabric or a slightly heavier weight home decor fabric.

16 inch pillow form-Instead of purchasing one of the pricey white pillow forms at the craft store, feel free to find a clearance throw pillow in the appropriate size. Of course, choose what is right for your project, but just a tip to save some $.

14" invisible zipper in color of your choice. These are available at the big box stores. If you can't find one exactly 14" in your desired color, you can choose one that is longer, but NOT shorter.

Thread for your machine



Sewing machine-you may bring your own machine to get used to your zipper foot, or you may use a machine at Stitch. 

What is provided in cost of class: 

Instruction to insert invisible zipper.

Links to online resources for future reference.

Irons and ironing tables.

Sewing machine if you choose to use one in store.

Cost of class:  $20

Instructor: Angie Miller