Hand Embroidery: Round 2 TUESDAY, AUGUST 28th 6pm-8pm - Stitch Morgantown

Hand Embroidery: Round 2 TUESDAY, AUGUST 28th 6pm-8pm

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In this class, we will take a pattern and get it transferred onto your fabric and start stitching. There will be a review of basic stitches throughout the class, including what stitches work well for what types of areas. A basic understanding of embroidery is beneficial, but not necessary.

What you need to bring/purchase prior to class:

Pattern: There are tons of freebies available out there! Check out Pinterest or if you have something super specific in mind, there are a lot of affordable downloads from sellers on Etsy. Stitch has a some designs from Lova Revolution that you can purchase as well.  Please bring your pattern printed out if you find an awesome freebie or end up downloading.

Hoop: I recommend anywhere from a 6" to 10" hoop for a smaller design. Your design doesn't have to fully fit, but if you plan on using the hoop to frame/finish it, you will want to make sure that it does. Stitch stocks basic wooden hoops.

Embroidery Needles: These are sharp end needles and come in a variety of sizes. Most often used 16 to 26. The smaller the number the bigger the needle so don't get something too large as we will be working on woven muslin fabric.

Fabric: Any woven cotton fabric will work and doesn't even have to be a solid if you are into pattern mixing. As a beginner, I recommend using a white or natural muslin and will have 12" x 12" squares of each cut and available for $0.42 each.

Embroidery Floss: Most popular is DMC and can be picked up at any craft store for about $0.52 per color. Stitch does not carry solid colors at this time, but does have a selection of hand dyed specialty embroidery floss for $2.25 each. Bring the colors you want to use for your design.

Embroidery scissors: These are the tiny, sharp little thread snipping scissors.

Frixion Pen or Marker: This is the brand that Stitch carries in a variety of colors, but any type of soluble marker or pen will work.

Needle Threader: This is absolutely optional, but my prior classes ended up really using this more than I thought they would so definitely something to consider. Some of those needles have tiny little eyes!

*Cost of class is $15 and includes instruction and link to article with 10 basic embroidery stitches if you have not already received this.

Instructor: Angie Miller