Featherweight Maintenance Class, March 25th 11:30am-3:30pm

Featherweight Maintenance Class, March 25th 11:30am-3:30pm

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In this hands on workshop, participants will learn how to clean, oil, lubricate and maintain their Singer Featherweight along with basic troubleshooting skills. 

We will start with a brief overview of the history of the Featherweight 221 and the differences between them over the years.  We will then start the hands on part of the course.  Handouts will be provided containing helpful hints and a list of resources for supplies, parts and general information on these wonderful machines. 

I would encourage participants to have an early lunch or brunch before class.  You may bring a small snack and a drink as long as the top closes. We will take a brief stretch break, snack, bathroom break mid class. 

What You Need to Bring:

Featherweight Maintenance Supply List

For this hands on workshop, you will need the following materials:

An old towel or bathmat

Apron or old shirt to protect your clothing

Singer Featherweight 221, 222 or a 301 in working order with foot pedal

Extension cord 

Small flashlight

Flathead screwdrivers- one with 6” or longer shaft and ¼” tip.  One with 1/8” inch tip and shorter shaft   www.singer-featherweight.com sells the perfect set.

Small flat head jewelers screwdriver such as would be used on eyeglasses (Found a set at Sears several years ago of various sizes)

Good quality tweezers with small pointed tips or hemostats

Pen & notepad

Spool of cotton thread and scraps for test sewing

Each member will receive a carrier with other needed supplies included; such as oil, grease, drip pan pad, brush, bumper and other items for servicing their machine.

Our focus will be on basic maintenance and trouble shooting.  If your machine has a more complex issue you would like help with, we may have time available after class. 

You will be getting your hands dirty while we work.  Please avoid wearing bracelets, watches, and dangling necklaces that could chip the paint or get caught inside the machine.   

There will be regular bulbs, LED bulbs, ¼” presser feet with side bar, bed cushion and rheostat feet available for purchase. 

Instructor: Karen Byron

Cost of Class: $75