Crochet Book/Kindle Sleeve Class, Sat, Apr 6th-10am-12:30pm

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Taylor will be in the house to teach this super cute book and/or Kindle sleeve. As an added bonus, bring a book you're done with and swap with another class participant!

*Please bring a book if you'd like to participate in the book swap. The goal is to leave with a new book to put in your sleeve!

Skills needed prior to class: 


Double crochet

Supplies needed: 

Size 4 medium weight yarn. As many colors as you'd like to use. The example uses 4 colors.

Crochet hook, size 5mm

Button (optional). If you don't bring a button, you will complete with a tie closure.


What is provided: 

Pattern (You will likely need to complete the project at home.)

Tip sheet

Yarn needle