VIRTUAL Scrappy Rope Bowl Class, Tues, April 7th 5:30-8:30pm

VIRTUAL Scrappy Rope Bowl Class, Tues, April 7th 5:30-8:30pm

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UPDATE: This will be hosted online. You will need to have your machine set up in an area where you can also view on a phone, tablet, or laptop. I am alao modifying the price to exclude the supplies Stitch was going to provide as you may be able to obtain them more easily than me shipping. I will however, have the glue stick and rope kit available if you would like to purchase it and either pickup curbside or have it shipped.

Virtually learn how to make a scrappy rope basket and use up all the pretty fabric scraps you weren't sure what to do with!

What you need to purchase/collect prior to class:

Approximately 1 yard (will use less than this, but always good to be prepared) worth of fabric scraps PRECUT to approx 3/4" wide. These don't have to be perfect, but having your strips cut is essential to being able to complete this project during class. The longer your strips, the less you will have to join more in with your glue stick. But the point is to use scraps, so they all may not be super long. I would refrain from strips that are less than 10-12 inches unless you like a challenging, tedious task.

Matching or coordinating thread, at least 600 yards. Pay attention to how much is on the spool you pick up. Cotton + Steel spools at Stitch have 600yds.

50 feet of cotton clothesline. I found some at BigLots. 100 feet for around $4.

School glue stick.

Heavy duty needle. Sometimes say "denim" or "jean". Any size from 14 to 18 will work.

*Cost of class $20 which includes instruction to construct a bowl with a base of 7" across.

Instructor: Angie Miller